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YOS (Foreign Students Exam) Course


YOS (Foreign Students Exam) EDUCATION

Becomes compete with universities in Europe and the Balkan Turks living in Turkey, universities and foreign students who want to come to Turkey began to be among the first choices.

Foreigners wishing to study at universities in Turkey can enter the exam  nationals tudents "YOS" (Foreign Student Examination)

Turkey's neighbors and neighbors that yeast Iraq, Iran, Bulgaria, Albania, Yunani water from such countries as well as Britain, France, Sweden, Turkey on the niche, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, China, Japan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia citizens that young people are choice of becoming Turkey's top universities di ge man.

For many years,  "YOS 'exam to prepare students YÜKSEK KARİYER FOR TURKISH FOREIGN TRAINING CENTER  and YOS; Foreigners yrukl attended cake withquestions about the exam s students are always pleased to answer the call.


ENGLISH and YOS EDUCATION YÜKSEK KARİYER FOR FOREIGN CENTER, education services, as well as university students are left alone after exams. In our service guidance will be given free of charge,

  • Universities and research department
  • Follow-up of university places
  • Follow-up of additional quota university
  • Preparation of registration documents
  • The establishment of contacts with universities



8 (eight) persons - 15 (fifteen) In groups, rich materials, experienced instructors hold advanced degrees in the field (they know at least two foreign languages) accompaniment; IQ(intelligence quotient), Mathematics, Geometry, English or Turkish (4 exchange gifts) are given training.

»IQ (intelligence quotient, logical thinking, IQ Usage);

»Mate tic (basic mathematical concepts)


»Turkish or English (4 Setup Gift)

»Residence permit procedures (1 year) + (less than 1 year)


In Q (intelligence quotient, logical thinking, IQ Usage);

To understand the relationship between concepts and perceptions with the aid of abstract or concrete objects, abstract thinking, reasoning and mental functions compatible way to use this as a goal-oriented capabilities is called intelligence.

All the theories concerning the provision of intelligence to be different definitions of intelligence is a capacity or potential to develop intelligence and combine the point where the basic biological. According to intelligence, the individual is born with, passing from generation to generation inherited and covering the functions of the central nervous system; experience, a composition formed by factors arising learning and the environment.

Intelligence involves the use of a variety of mental ability in various situations and conditions. Principal among these qualities:

Verbal understanding:   word recognition and comprehension,

Verbal Fluency:   verbal and written as words and phrases are quickly finding,

Numerical Ability:   to make arithmetic operations quickly and correctly,

Space and spatial relationships:   two and three dimensional visual perception ability,

Memory:   auditory and visual memory to power,

Perceptual Speed:   Being able to see the details of a complex object, to distinguish the relationship between ground form, the similarities and differences to perceive correctly,

Reasoning:   Ability to apply judgment,

Logic-mathematical intelligence: Problem solving and cognitive skills fell in the Amedaki

It may be considered. How much hard work it accomplished when a person's intelligence level and other conditions held equal, or how many of the jobs can be managed in the same difficulties, or how soon it would be certain to reach the right conclusion.

IQ (intelligence quotient, logical thinking, IQ Usage) threads;


1. Number Sequence 2. Different Shape Finding 3. Letters to the new desired in Table Discovery 4 scales (Fig equivalence) 5. Number - Fig Relations 6 letters - Number Relationship 7. Figure Which Figures Array Income or 5 × 5 Su Doku 8. ı.satır II given by the relationship. Figure 9. Complete line which I and II by the specified Relationship ııı.satır Complete line which Figure 10. Figure 11. Finding the desired shape of the Addition of Figure 3 × 3 matrix? Which figure should come in place of 7 × 7 or 8 × 8 Figure 12. Through the symbolic matrix in Figure 13. Three-Dimensional Cube Counting find Completion Figure 14. Three-Dimensiona

Sample questions:


Mathematics (basic mathematical concepts)


Mathematics Education

Mathematics, science as well as in daily life, often against the interests of the people. Mathematics, the foundation of logic is a system based on the person as a tool to improve the mind and rational to gain perspective. Free person and creates an unprejudiced thinking environment. Human systematic, logical, thinking ensures consistent. That's why mathematics is involved in every field from primary to higher education programs.

"YOS 'exam to prepare students" and YOS TURKISH FOREIGN TRAINING CENTER FOR CAREER HIGH "Foreign Basic Learning Skills in preparation for thetransition to higher education for students participating in secondary education examination (IQ

IQ (intelligence quotient), Mathematics, Geometry gives the training.


YÖS Mathematics (basic mathematical concepts and issues)

MATHEMATICS NUMBER 1. Number of Number Four Operations in Rational Numbers 4.Kökl 3.Üsl 2.Ondalık four Transaction Numbers factorization 5. Simplification 6. Value Calculator EQUATION SYSTEMS (the 1st order A) 7. Two unknowns System 8. Three unknowns Systems SETS 9. Employee Number Calculator 10-junction intersection of 11th SOR Finding OPERATIONS (xoy = 2x + 5y-like 4xy) ratios RATIO 12. (Oral evidence-free) POLINOMIALS 13. The remaining 14 Unknown Partition Coefficient Finding Finding logarithms 15. Finding the logarithmic equations Unknown Species 16. 17. 18. Shaped Question logarithm Value Calculation (Value Discovery)COMPLEX ISSUES 19. Graphical Processing 20. Four unknown in the equation 21. Finding Questions TRIGONOMETRY 22. Solving trigonometric equations in Figure 23. Value Discovery (the triangle or square or rectangular) 24. Total - Difference Formula 25. The inverse trigonometric functions 26. Related to the junction 27. Figure 28. Finding Value 29 Functional Equations Containing Inverse Function Questions LIMIT 30. Finding Limits rational polynomial trigonometric 31. Limit 32. Exponential - the Radicals limit DERIVATIVES 33. 34. Derivative Derivative Calculator Limit Off Function Format 35 differential which protect at a point 36 Graphical Information INTEGRAL 37.Definite Integral Indefinite Integral 38 40 39 Area Finding definite integrals Unknown Finding Question 41. Shaped Linear Algebra 42. Four Operations in 43 Determinants Matrix Calculator

Sample Questions




Usage areas

Geometry is required in almost every aspect of daily life. Length geometry, space, surface, concepts such terms are used in determining certain quantities.

The areas that most intertwined geometry; algebra and trigonometry, architecture, engineering (roads, bridges, buildings, machinery, ships and aircraft construction, mining, water and electricity works as civil and craft-related technical studies, etc.), industrial areas, simulations, computer programs and graphics, cybernetics design, art and so on. ' dThere are hardly any profession or field would say that the use of geometry in place.

Is a geometric art of geometry and art has brought them aesthetic values. The famous painter Leonardo da Vinci's painting of his work on the body proportions, has drawn the sketches. This ratio is called the Golden Ratio.

Geometry lectures are:

CIRCLE 1. 2. Circles in Circles Angle Length, FLAT 3. TRIANGLE 4 apartments in the area. 5. Length Angle Triangle Triangle Triangle Area 6. 7. 8. AngleBisector Triangle Triangle Triangle Edge median 9. Similarity SQUARE10. Karen Angle Length 11 square 12 square Field Rectangular 13. Angle Rectangular Length 14 in rectangular 15 rectangular area 16 SQUARE. 17. Length of the rectangle in the quadrangular Angle parallelogram 18. 19. Length of the parallelogram in the 20th Angle parallelogram Parallelogram Area TRAPEZOID 21. The trapezoid Trapezoid Angle Length 22 in 23 in the trapezoid area POLYGONS 24. Polygon Polygon Angle Length 25






Turkish or English (4 Setup Gift) (A1 level 2 currency exchange rate level A2-2)

Overall Beginner (A1-A2) by the end of our trainees will be gains as follows:

Since angıç ​​level at the end of the course participants can meet easily with a Turkish person, dialogue can be established, the exchange can, petitions and write letters, you can solve simple texts and stories, history, establish present and future in a simple sentence, the sentence is to analyze the elements, acts according to pronouns You can use, hours, days, months and seasons, reaching the level can be learned.




  • Foreign students wishing to study in Turkey.
  • Last 3 years High School is one of the Turkish citizens with dual citizenship or nationality who have completed their education abroad TR ​​or TRNC.
  • The last couple of foreign citizens by birth and later the Turkish Republic citizenship (even if they do their high school education in Turkey)
  • Turkish citizens who are dual nationals by birth, citizenship if they take out a blue card from TC  

Overseas students can participate in the quota and can enter the YOS.

 YOS (Foreign Students Exam) PRICING OF EDUCATION









IQ Math. Geometry, English or Turkish (4 exchange gifts) +Unlimited possibility Studies

Training time: 7 months (336 hours) + unlimited + Problem Solving studies = Total: 588 hours

Training is given on weekends and weekdays.

YÖS a first in education; week

6 days of training, unlimited surveys, questions and solutions days


Tuition fees 50% discount on our courses (2016-2017 for the period)

: 4500 -TL

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